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So you want to know all about the New York Mafia Families, uh?

If we are going to talk about the New York Mafia, then we must learn about “The Commission” First.

The Mafia Commision

The Comission is the governing body of the Mafia in the US. It has changed a lot since it was created in 1931 but the bosses of the New York Five Mafia Families still are the core membership of The Commission.

The Commission was created in ’31 by Lucky (Luciano, of course) in Atlantic City. It’s purpose was to replace the old Sicilian mafia regime and establish some ground rules among the new mafia families. Historically, a system like this has always been in place. In Sicily, the heads of each cosche would meet regularly¬† to discuss “business”, and in the US, they wouldn’t forget their traditions.

In the beginning of 1931, after winning a bloody War among the New York gangs,¬† the New York Boss Salvatore Maranzano divided all the gangs in the US into several mafia families and then he assummed as capo di tutti capi (“boss of all bosses”). Because there had never been a “boss of all bosses” in the Mafia History, the mafia’s ranks reacted negatively to this. Luciano, who was by then a Maranzano ally, soon abraded under the harsh control by Maranzano and in September of that year he machined Maranzano’s assassination. Luciano then became the top mobster in the country.

Since then, gang wars didn’t “stopped” but they did reduced it’s scale and frecuency.

The current Known Bosses of the Mafia Commision are:

  • Bonanno Crime Family – Unknown
  • Colombo Crime Family – Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo
  • Gambino Crime Family – Daniel “Danny” Marino/Giovanni “Johnny” Gambino/Robert “Bobby” Vernace
  • Genovese Crime Family – Unknown
  • Lucchese Crime Family – Steven “Wonderboy” Crea/Aneillo “Neil” Migliore/Joseph “Joey Dee” DiNapoli
  • DeCavalcante Family – Francesco “Frank” Guarraci
  • Chicago Outfit – John “No Nose” DiFronzo
  • Patriarca crime family – Luigi “Baby Shanks” Manocchio
  • Philadelphia Crime Family – Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi

Now that we know how it all began, we can move on to really understand the New York Mafia.

Fictional portrayals:

The Commission has been depicted in a few Hollywood films, primarily in “The Godfather” and “The Godfather III“.

For further information on The Commision, we recommend the book “Born to the Mob: The True-Life Story of the Only Man to Work for All Five of New York’s Mafia Families“.

The Five Families:


The Five Families refers to the five major Italian-American Mafia families that have dominated¬† New York City’s underworld since 1930. The Five Mafia Families of New York remain as the main powerhouse of the Sicilian Mafia in the United States.

The Current Five Mafia Families Bosses:

  • Bonanno: Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano (Salvatore Montagna is the acting boss)
  • Gambino: (Ruling Committee/Panel – Daniel “Danny” Marino, Giovanni “Johnny” Gambino, Robert “Bobby” Vernace)
  • Colombo: Carmine “Junior” Persico (Thomas Gioeli is the acting boss)
  • Genovese: Unknown Boss (Daniel Leo is the acting boss)
  • Lucchese: Vittorio “Vic” Amuso (Ruling Committee/Panel – Aniello “Neil” Migliore, Joseph “Joey Dee” DiNapoli, Matthew Madonna)

Fictional portrayals and Curious Facts:

As we mentioned before, the Five Families’ Commission was depicted in The Godfather series. What you may not know is that the famous “The Sopranos” tv series DiMeo Family of NJ has has close business connections with the Lupertazzi Mafia Family of Brooklyn, one of the five families in New York. Members of the DeCavalcante family believed themselves to be the inspiration for the DiMeo family.

History of the New York Mafia

Check out this great documentary about the new york mafia (Around 60 minutes long)

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  • Chiano

    Im trying to locate my past family and thier activities. > DeCavalcante Family from sicily. My last name was changed when my great great great granfather came to S.A. it became Roos. He married a Local servant to leave the Mafia.

  • mike

    R.I.P John Gotti a real G. from Liverpool U.k

  • YoursTruly

    This is really kewl!

  • kezza

    fascinating! true legends

  • Wiseguy

    the thing is…. you couldnt have joined the mafia unless you were frome sicily. So dont bother worrying about there birth location.

  • Italiano.

    That is not true. my great grampa Michael Montrachio was apart of the Sicilian Mafia in New york and was born in new york.

  • gangster

    you guys grow a pair of testicles . i did seven years on my head > il ived that life i know what its about.

  • ryan reading

    as in the reading railroad……….. half italin half polish looking to invest money and become a family friend let me know

  • joey moccevello

    Chiano the De Cavalcante is in Jersey and are one of the oldest familes in Jersey

  • gullace

    gangster i know its impolite of me to ask but what all can you tell me this subject is strong within me ever since i heard about my great grandfather anthony gullace and his supposed waste management plant….there is haze can you help me clean it up?

  • Danny

    Nino Gaggi And Roy Demeo

  • Sandie

    When Carlo Gambino was head of the Five families, how in the world did he ever have so much power over the garment district and Port Authority? I have read alot about the mob guys. I am truyly fascinated about the stories I read. Does the 5 families still run NY?

  • Sandie

    I have read about Lucky starting the Commission, does his law still apply to the 5 families of today. What happened to all of the money that Carlo Gambino made and are there any old sites to visit. When I visit NY, I want to see the old haunts of the mob.

  • Sandie

    Everybody that runs a family cannot be in jail so there has to be a replacement that are suppose to be head of their family, I’m quite sure they know that everything changes, you can’t go around knocking somebody off and think they’re going to get away w/it. They are not that stupid.

  • Danielle

    I have always been very interested in the mafia. I always said I would love to be a part of these interesting peoples lives. Thanks so much for this wonderful information. Lucky Luciano was an awesome guy in my mind….I read and loved everything i could about him.

  • j

    Danielle, leave them alone, most might charm the socks off you, then kill you just for a wrong look, they are mostly complete psychos. The only ones who get ANYWHERE are the quiet types, by the sidelines, looking like they’re doing nothing much. All the braggadacio, swagger, murders, violence, it’s a pointless waste of time and THEY KNOW IT! The real G’s who make it alive. stay out of the limelight. Oh by the way I’ve [personally seen two of my friends shot dead. Do you want to have that shti running through your mind before you sleep?

  • Nibbs

    Does anyone have any information on Tincani?

  • Don Vito Corleone

    This public discussing of our thing is infamita, without honor.

  • Charlie Lucky Luciano IV

    mafia is the best organization in the whole world !
    i just remember when my Grandfather kill the former DON of the BONNANO FAMILY !! my Grandfather is the last GODFATHER of the GAMBINO crime family and his name is “Charlie Lucky Luciano”

  • Vince Migliore

    My name is Vince Migliore, and my family once had a house on Long Island. I am wondering if Aniello “Neil” Migliore is related to my family.
    My grandfather was Vincenzo Migliore.

  • matt

    you did not have to be from Sicily to join they had American jews that were apart of the mafia

  • Bri

    I have to say that this video is amazing. I am obsessed with the history of the mafia. If I could meet a mafia boss today or one member of the 5 families, it would mean the world to me. and Im with Sandie….I want to know if there is anybody leading the 5 families today too

  • frank migliore

    hey vince, aniello is my 2nd cousin. your grandfather is not related.

  • christina valentini

    Please Help Me find out my mafia roots and any living family! My Sicilian grandfather on my mother’s side was in a respectable mafia position in New York approx. 40-50 years ago. I don’t want to type his name on a public site. I just don’t know how to go about this. Where do I start? I am proud of my grandfather, god rest his soul, and my mother won’t help me. She was not allowed to be with my grandfather growing up due to the nature of his lifestyle. Please respond. thank you.

  • the godfather

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  • Michael Giovanni

    Im in no way related to the Giovanni family my dad was just a freind of the business.How ever i feel i would love to do a Tattoo to honor and support the Giovanni family is that a bad thing??? i dont see why not!

  • This Guy

    First of all, if any of you were/are related to any of the five families, you shouldn’t or wouldn’t be bragging or talking about it on the internet. It goes against everything that the family code is all about…silence. We are all family, I may have family that is part of La Cosa Nostra, but I keep my trap shut. This is our thing and our family. People who brag are the ones who end up getting themselves into trouble.

  • RMK


  • RMK

    the jews had no rank in the Italian mafia. no made guys. jews like Bugsy and Meyer Lansky were associates if that much

  • Giovanni Bonanno

    To Charlie, wasn’t your grandfather asked to leave the country? I believe Joe Bonanno was the true godfather of the Bonanno family, none other and he wasn’t murdered he died an old man, I’d know I was by his side…

  • Jared Arugay

    I want to join a mafia,,,,,,and ill surely take it as a power,,,

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