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Black Mafia Family

The Black Mafia Family (BMF since the year 2000) is a criminal organization dedicated primarily to drug trafficking founded by Demetrius “Meech” Flenory and his brother Terry “Southwest T”. It was born out of Detroit but now has major hubs in Atlanta and LA. Around the year 2000 it became involved in the hip-hop music and entertainment world, promoting artists such as Young Jeezy and Bleu DaVinci.

The founders began their rise in crime selling cheap crack bags on the streets of Detroit in the late 80s while in high school. By 1995 they had established a distribution cell in Atlanta, St. Louis, LA, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. A feds investigation concluded that the organization has now more than 500 members. At the beginning of year 2000 the two brothers split and Flenory moved to LA to take charge of his own organization and Demetrius stayed in Atlanta. By 2004 the two wouldn’t take no longer to each other. Also they began to talk about their organizations as part of the “Black Mafia Family”.

After a long investigation conducted by the DEA where lots of conversations where wiretapped, in September 2008 the brothers where sentenced to 30 years. Demetrius will be released on Dec 16, 2031 at age 61.

Black Mafia Family

Black Mafia Family

The Black Mafia Family Documentary:

Directed by Shabazz and produced by “As Is Magazine”, this documentary portraits the Black Mafia Family story as they start out of the streets of Detroit and spread across the US ending up in Atlanta. It also follows the Feds as they uncover a drugs distribution network that netted them over $ 300 Million!

Buy it now for only $8.50!

Black Mafia Family Videos:

The first (and only as far as I know) BMF-produced music video, by BMF’s lead rapper, Bleu Da Vinci. “Big Meech” is supposed to have funded this $500k hip-hop video.
YouTube Preview Image
The Raw Report documentary on the Black Mafia Mafily:
YouTube Preview Image
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  • okoh charles

    interested on all available’s details about we black mafia’s. pls. kindly send it to my mail box

  • sarah

    yuck, i hate black wafila there all bad never thust them people

  • rafael

    BMF is the realist, most sofisticated, low key and just str8 up intelligent crew i ever seen…. respect to the big boss MEECH u one smart person g…. u got your eye on the prize which is $$$$$ and keepin ur peeps and family looked after….. i envy all that u and ur BMF crew did b4 u got locked down………………………. FREE MEECH………. FUCK THE LAW……… WHY BE A SERVANT TO THE LAW WHEN YOU CAN BE IT’S MASTER……………… much love from deep in AUSTRALIA peace FREE MEECH……

  • khalil young

    big UP’S to the BIG HOMIE BIG MEECH you a real ass nigga bruhh you the type of nigga i would respect and be loyal to da whole B.M.F FAMILY if i had a chance to be a member of yo team/family i would prove to you that i’m the type of nigga to take a bullet fuh you and take the rap fuh you thats how loyalty i am big bruhh…………#B.M.F/BIG MEECH AND LARRY HOOVER.

  • Sandie

    Are the brothers still involved in the music industry?

  • youngBa

    maaannnnnnnnnnn fuck big mitch

  • bbaSlidda

    hey dumn ass above its BIG MEECH not big mitch ok. anyway im wit u hood ill say fuck dat pussy ass nigga too hi’s ol dick sucking ass so fuck him n his crew…. blood in dis bitch

  • A 1

    Much love to the big homies on lockdown. Right,wrong or indifferent, both “Meech” and “T” have always been, are now, and will ALWAYS be part of OUR family…that’s yours and mine alike. To those who share Lady Sarah’s sentiments, it would be wise to consider that there is no such thing as” normal”, and that there is substantial inherent good in even the so-called worst of us, just as there is irrefuteable bad in even the best of us and that none should be so self-righteous as to feel right in passing judgement on another human being. Let him that is without sin . . .ya’ know?!? Criminal endeavors aside, at it’s core,the BMF was, and is, a business-something America’s economy is always in need of (especially now) and the very spirit that has forever fueled our beloved “American Dream”. The other endearing at tribute of the BMF is that is was,and is, an organization-a much needed,but all-too-scarce fixture in most, if not all of our nation’s urban landscapes. For were it not for the presence of organizations, there would be many a young ghetto child whose developement would be tragically arrested, and so many of our precious children (and adults alike) may sadly miss their opportunity to learn the value of that ever-so important concept : UNITY.

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